This video is sort of a second part to my last update, which started the seed germination. Now after 72 hours of germination, I’m ready to plant the seeds into my hydroponics system. I’ll show you how to put the seed into place using hydroton and rockwool and what that ultimately looks like in my grow.

I also wanted to talk about some decisions I’m making for the fate of my grow, which I really would love to hear your feedback on. Even though I have had great weed grow results, it doesn’t mean every decision or action I take is the best one. I always welcome constructive criticism (as well as appreciation). 😀

– Equipment Links –

Hydroponic System – Bubbleponics
Stealth Hydro:

Lighting System Components
Digital Ballast –
Magnetic Ballast –
Light Reflector/Hood –
High Pressure Sodium Bulbs –
Metal Halide Bulbs –

Nutrients – General Hydroponics –
pH Buffers – General Hydroponics –
pH Meter – Milwaukee PH600 –

Root Treatment – Cannazym –

Water Filter – Aquasana –

Seeds – Nirvana –

Note —
By clicking the links above, you will be directed to where you can buy the same equipment and supplies that I use. You can also purchase alternatives to what I use if you think there is a better option for you. Either way, when you do this, a portion of your total purchase price will go towards supporting THC Digest.

For this, I am extremely grateful, thank you!
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