The Cannabis Cup is the most prestigious award in the cannabis industry. Growers compete for the glory, but what does is take to win?

High Times cultivation editor, Nico Escondido takes us behind the scenes and tells us what really goes on and what the judging process is like. He also discusses how to avoid the most common cannabis cultivation mistakes.

Key Takeaways:
2:01 – Nico’s background
5:44 – Nico talks about his day-to-day work life at High Times
8:35 – Nico discusses the Cannabis Cup
18:03 – Increasing your chances of winning a Cannabis Cup
23:53 – Nico talks about the Cannabis Genetics Institute
27:16 – Nico talks about genetics and traits
32:23 – Horticulture technology
35:08 – Nico gives his opinion on LED versus traditional lighting
38:52 – Typical growing mistakes
42:11 – Bad growing habits
50:43 – Photobiology and genetics to him
53:06 – New York Medical Marijuana Legalization
59:35 – How to find Nico’s work

You can also listen to the full interview at HERE:

Inside The Cannabis Cup with Nico Escondido of High Times

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