Smallest grow box! Check this out: In this video you will see the second White widow CBD autoflower that i grow in my micro grow PC box. I use e27 LED and CFL grow lights and i grow in a 20-4 or 18-6 grow cycle. The first two weeks of my autoflower micro grow i even set the timer to 24 hours of light. I do this to prevent stretching. Actions like these are very important when growing in a small space. Its definetly not the same as growing in a nice grow room or grow tent.

But with this micro grow setup i can still get a decent harvest and you will see it in this video. The buds are a little bit fluffy but they are super frosty and thats what its all about. Im very glad with the end result and i will show you a photolapse so you can see the complete grow from seed to harvest.

Also i will let you see how i dry my autoflower buds. I dont do that in my micro grow box but i have a carton box and that works just perfectly.

Growing in a small space is definetly more difficult but it also has advantages, such as the light distribution thats amazing. The light of the e27 LED and CFL lights cant get anywhere besides the plant. So you dont loose light what bigger growers have. The only downside are heat problems.

Let me know if you have any questions I’m glad to help.

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Have a great day, Much love!

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