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High THC Strains: Elite Seeds Banana Joint
One of our favourite high THC strains, Banana Joint by Elite Seeds is a distinctive variety that everybody loves. Buds are unusually yellow and the smoke itself is a high happy high! Tasting of bananas and bubblegum, banana joint is often described as a hash plant, but we think this would be a waste! Elite Seeds Banana Joint is a five star variety, one of those distinctive cannabis strains that not enough people know about, but once they’ve tried it, will always choose it! Lets give BANANA JOINT the worldwide recognition it deserves!
This Banana Joint Grow Report is part of the growersguidetocannabis series about choosing a mother plant for clones. When growing cannabis commercially one secret of success is to take the time to choose great mother plants. Because we are growing weed for our CSC members, we need a variety of different strains always available. Association members demand different effects and tastes, but always the best quality weed. Growing from seed means some plants (from the same strain) will produce more, have higher resin contents, or be more reliable than others. The Cannabis Association chose several different cannabis strains it wanted available, then a number of seeds from each strain were germinated, numbered and cuttings from each taken before the maidens are put into flower. This how to grow cannabis video series looks at these plants just before harvesting, and we discuss the desirable characteristics to be brought forward as we choose the best mother plant for clonings.
Elite Seeds are a Spanish based Cannabis Seed Breeder with some very high quality cannabis strains in their repertoire. La Rica, Limonet Haze and Juanita La Lagrimosa are also highly recommended.
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