A quick chat about introducing a marijuana smoker to tobacco pipes. Looks like it’s going to be a work in progress!

Cousin Rudy hitting the tobacco pipe: http://youtu.be/HzRlRrWU66k
Cousin Rudy hitting the weed pipe: http://youtu.be/Kok8mglDRmc
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Genius Pipe Instructional Video

Aptly named, the Genius Pipe is the brainchild of PhDs and engineers who figured out how to bring together the worlds of tech and physics to create what could very well become the new standard when it comes to smoking marijuana.

The Genius Pipe is a thin, flat, aluminum pipe that’s the perfect size to discreetly carry in your purse, book bag, or even your pocket.

But the thing that really makes this pipe an absolute must-have for smokers of all stripes is its unique “dimple technology.”

The Genius Pipe is built around a grid of little dimples. When someone takes a hit, the smoke is pulled across these dimples.

This creates 2,000 tiny “smoke vortexes,” and the air movement of these vortexes transfers the heat of the smoke into the aluminum. That means that when the smoke hits your lungs, it’s basically room temperature.

The dimples also act as a super efficient filter. Tars and other residues stick to the dimples rather than traveling into your lungs.

The end result of all this is an insanely smooth, cool, and clean smoking experience. No more coughing, no more tar. The Genius Pipe lets you enjoy the full taste, aroma, and pleasure of smoking but without any of the unpleasant side effects.

As far as we’re concerned, this is the future of delivery technologies. The Genius Pipe gives you the health factor of vaping, the smoothness of a water pipe, and the joy of full bodied smoke.

Sometimes you really can have it all.

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