18+ Summer Indoor LED Grow: Germinating Cannabis Seeds. Top Shelf Grower brings you a red hot Summer Indoor LED Grow. Cannabis cultivation indoors in hot weather can be a nightmare. In this grow series I use innovative LED technology and a few inexpensive tricks to beat the heat and show you how to crop a fire stash during a burning hot Summer.

This episode we start with a recap of the basics and use the tried and trusted paper towel method to germinate 5 feminized cannabis seeds. Step by step I show you how to germinate cannabis seeds with 100% success. Plus I share my starter nutrients feed to get the grow off to a strong start.

I chose a mix of gourmet marijuana genetics for this indoor LED crop. This summer I grew 3 Gorilla Glue by Zamnesia Seeds and 1 each of Kaboom and Mataro Blue, both by Kannabia. Subscribe to see the whole grow from seed to stash with a new episode every saturday. Join me and learn how to grow marijuana with LED tech if you’re a beginner. While veteran cultivators can assess the potential of LED’s in the cannabis garden.

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